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Excellence, Integrity, Exceptional Service….


This is the foundation and company philosophy of Lajoie Purchasing Associates.

As founder and principal, Donna Lajoie and her team of professionals oversee all phases of hospitality FF&E and OS&E purchasing and project management from initial project review, to budget development, through final purchase and installation.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the hospitality purchasing industry, Ms. Lajoie’s diversified range of knowledge includes hands-on operational expertise in all hotel departments.  As Regional Hotel Director she was responsible for the overall performance of fifteen hotels concurrently and was ranked in the top ten of 55 Regional Managers. Her understanding of the balance between form and function has been invaluable to the success of the company’s projects.  She works diligently with designers to ensure that all final FF&E designs and selections make sense operationally in the long run and are a good FF&E investment for their clients to this end.

Ms. Lajoie’s accomplishments as Vice-President of FF&E Purchasing and Project Management was her inspiration for this results-driven company.

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